The Jam

GBC Jam is a series of monthly events being put on by George Brown College and Randy Orenstein. The goal of these jams is to provide a less intense jamming experience for Toronto’s resident veterans, and an easy entry point for first-timers.

By running more frequently we hope we will help folks keep their creative juices flowing at max all year round. Themes will be varied, but expect quirkiness.

We will be running 10 Jams a year, avoiding the months when TOJam and Toronto Global Game Jam are happening for obvious reasons.

Jam Details

We are being hosted and sponsored by the GBC Casa Loma campus at 160 Kendal Ave. Please check out the Site Info page for more details on location and parking!

This month's Theme is...

Our Team

Randy Orenstein- The Big Cheese

Hey folks! My name is Randy, and I am a developer and event organizer in Toronto. I have run and helped to run a number of successful jams and events, including Toronto Global Game Jam, TOJam, and EGLX. I love hosting Jams; the creative energy is always amazing at them, and I get all warm and fuzzy feeling thinking I contributed in a way to the projects that get made there. I will be the loud one at these events, yelling out announcements and then giving you pizza.

Billy Tremaine- Slightly Smaller Cheese

Hey folks! My name is Billy, and I am an animator and developer in Toronto. I have been on several teams working for Randy, now I am the team working for Randy. I will be the quiet one at these events, posting announcements, updating the website and drinking coffee.